You know how those big city furniture stores have scratch and dent rooms where they put all their junk, damaged items and ugly things that they just can’t sell? Well we don’t have one of those – we don’t have scratched or dented items, and certainly don’t have any junk.

We’d like to introduce you to our Orphanage. This is where we have items that have lost the rest of their families – a single end table, a chair whose mate has gone off to a new home, matching pieces who have found their forever home and have left these behind…

These items are being offered at a special price and you can take them home with you today!

Starting September 14, all Orphans are 50% off their regular retail price!  Then, we will reduce them by another 10% every 2 days until they are gone.  Do you play the waiting game to see how low the price will go, or do you snag it before someone else does?